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The Artistry of Faith

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -Mary Oliver

Every moment holds an opportunity to create hope. 


From shattered expectations to abundance, the defining moments of my journey are choices I made both to actively fight despair and allow the experience of joy.

I started journaling in early motherhood to cope with postpartum anxiety, and sharing stories at my toddler's bedside in an ICU Burn Unit. 

Now a mom of five, I offer the framework of hope that helped me to rise, to heal, to grow, to flourish, and to create a life worth living. 

On Sacred Creativity

Hope might inspire with an illusion of effortless grace, but what we can envision is what we can create, and creativity is a universal gift.

Having chosen a path of sacred creativity, I've come to understand how we can transform through an intention to illuminate goodness - for gratitude is the grace by which I greet you here, a gateway to hope since the day I almost lost my boy to an accidental burn injury. 

Looking back, I see how vulnerability was my birthplace of growth - and of a calling to find beauty in the scars we generally believe are ugly.  


A shift in perspective kindled positive momentum, but I wove a tapestry of faith with threads of hope through years of writing, a desire to heal, and the belief,


I am yet to uncover the depth of my strength.

Moment-by-moment, day-by-day, I worked to write scars beautiful like a dancer returns to the barre.


My centering is a holistic approach to resilience, and working to be Well-nourished, Hopeful, Open, Loving, and Engaged is the technique by which I survive and thrive in our complicated world. 


Since we evolve with what we bring forth, my practice of being WHOLE has become an adventure into the unknown and infinite expansion of love.  


A creator of hope, I behold a life replete with peace, joy, and love. The words I write flow through the routines and rituals of nurture, where the blessings I seek reveal an abundance of everyday miracles, and ultimately, the presence of God.




Hope is yours to imagine, but my life worth living has required a willingness to stand on stage not knowing the choreography, or if I would even hear the music.


Flourishing feels like an improvisational performance off-beat of my great expectations, but I've followed flow since I left the spotlight of my career as a professional dancer


Nearly two decades have passed since I set out on a pursuit of happiness. 

I studied science, practiced holistic healing modalities, and observed different religions. 

Yet, stories are what held me in the depths of a plot I could not have dared to define. 

Authenticity watered seeds of hope that rooted with love, and I continue to cycle the seasons of growth by consciously cultivating a sustainable sense of well-being through WHOLE, the artistry of my faith. 

In motherhood, there is no clear way to define success and a million ways to fail. 

Therein lies a million opportunities to gain resilience and grow. 

Hearing my calling as a mom and forging pathways of self-discovery within the ties that bind has been a delicate dance of determination and surrender. 

But I stand in the light of WHOLE, with the simple truth that I never felt brave in the moments I was strong. 

Courage is what I gathered in hindsight, by remembering I rose above fear and doubt. 

Faith is the narrative of my Whole Notes - stories I share in honor of those who inspired me with countless expressions of healing, transformation, and spirituality.

"Your scars mean you were brave once, and brave is beautiful."

My purpose is to hold a space of possibility for God, and all you are yet to bring forth.


May we choose to rise, to heal, to grow, to flourish, and to create the hope we seek.  

May we meet in wholeness - where scars are beautiful, and my light is always a reflection of yours.


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