to be WHOLE  

Hi! I'm Alicia, a mom of 5. I've spent over a decade nurturing my family while contemplating how the research of happiness applies to motherhood. Enter WHOLE, a blend of science and ancient wisdom that redefines the modern motherhood experience from self-sacrifice to self-discovery. ​


Striving to be Well-nourished, Hopeful, Open, Loving and Engaged is a holistic approach to resilience offering 5 pathways to hope in an environment of perfection. This science-based model of well-being becomes a spiritual bridge from struggle to WHOLE: we can thrive not in spite of, but because of what happens in motherhood.​


While science might inspire ease as you surrender into love and intuition, ancient wisdom will lead you on a journey True North, the direction you must travel to sustain a decades-long trajectory of nurturing. 

Redefine the motherhood experience from self-sacrifice to self-discovery,

design your own manual & manifest your best life.


It's an honor to walk this journey with you. 




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