Every moment holds an opportunity to create hope.

From shattered expectations to abundance, the defining moments of my life are choices I made both to actively fight despair and allow the experience of joy.


A writer, I reflect a way to create hope through the healing art of storytelling.

"Stories are medicine." 

~Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Artistry might inspire us with an illusion of grace, but creativity is a universal gift. I believe that love is all we need to make creativity spiritual, and spirituality can be born of a simple intention to illuminate goodness.  


Gratitude is the grace by which I greet you here, a gateway to hope since I found myself in a burn unit with my toddler fighting for his life. Looking back, I see how vulnerability was my birthplace of growth, but I wove a tapestry of faith through years of writing, a desire to heal, and the belief,


“I am yet to uncover the depth of my strength.” 

I crafted my story of "enlightenment" word-by-word, day-by-day, like a dancer returns to the barre. While an awakening is merely the moment we remember our inherent strength, it is a journey through which we create hope - one that begins with a willingness to stand on stage not knowing the choreography, or if we will even hear the music.


Spiritual creativity requires a delicate dance between determination and surrender, but sacred script is written by following flow. Flourishing feels like an improvisational performance off-beat of the modern world, but a life worth living is built through wholeness, where the cracks are always where our light gets in. 


My story is about navigating a spiritual awakening and writing my way from struggle to abundance. However, I stand in the light of wholeness with the humble truth that I’ve never felt brave in the moments I was strong.

Courage is what I gathered in hindsight, by noticing the moments I breathed through things like sadness and fear, but also when I embodied love and joy.


Brave is the narrative that wove these moments together, and I share on resilience, motherhood, and adventure in honor of those who continually lead my way forward, with their own hope-filled words of healing and transformation.

"Your scars mean you were brave once, and brave is beautiful."

Since it’s long been my mission to prove our scars are more beautiful than we generally believe they are, may we choose to rise, to heal, to grow, and to flourish through all of life’s experiences.  


May our scars become roadmaps of hope, eternal reminders of the moments we were strong enough to take that one step forward and carry on.  

May we meet in a space of wholeness and possibility, where my light is always a reflection of yours.