Mother ~ Writer ~ Spiritual Guide


I’m a mom of five who has studied the science of happiness along with movement, holistic nutrition, and various forms of ancient healing arts. 

My bio is below, but you might prefer to get to know me through My Journal where you will find the stories on resilience, motherhood, and adventure that paved my way from struggle to hope. A culmination of this journey is a recipe for holistic wellbeing I call WHOLE, a blend of modern psychological science and ancient spiritual wisdom that permeates my life and work.

While WHOLE was born of my motherhood experience, the theory and teachings transcend this domain and offer a general approach to a well-lived life - a way navigate transitions with resilience and find a deeper sense of faith through adversity. 

My mission is to reflect your inherent strength, goodness,

and a life well-lived in alignment with your highest self.

May my stories bring Hope.

May my words land with Love.

May my Light always be a reflection of yours. 


I am yet to uncover

the depth of my strength. 



Alicia Assad, MAPP, is a writer, intuitive healer and teacher specializing in holistic resilience and transformation.


A mom of five, Alicia brings a holistic approach to well-being that is a synergy of her experience as a professional dancer, along with her studies of holistic nutrition and the science of happiness at University of Pennsylvania, where she was one of the first 100 students to earn a Master of Applied Positive Psychology.


As Miss New Jersey, Alicia was the youngest contestant in the Miss America 2002 Pageant and recipient of the Overall Elegance & Lifestyle award. A former Radio City Rockette & Wilhelmina Fitness Model, she earned her BS in Arts Administration and Dance Minor at Wagner College. She is certified in Pilates, Health Coaching, Reiki & and Color Therapy. A two-time runner of the NYC Marathon, she is a devoted practitioner of yoga, meditation, and various energy healing traditions.

Through a decade of motherhood, Alicia has applied the science and ancient wisdom she has studied not only to navigate things like postpartum anxiety, pregnancy loss, and her son’s life-threatening burn injury, but to thrive in the aftermath of adversity. To be WHOLE, her holistic approach to resilience was born of that journey along with  stories of transformation from struggle to hope that have been featured in Huffington Post, Positive Psychology News Daily, Scary Mommy, Babble, The Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, ABC News, MAPP Alumni Magazine & WYLD Leadership.


After moving from New York to Hong Kong to Wyoming, Alicia feels blessed to live among the Tetons with her husband, children, and two rescue dogs.



“‪If you are seeking someone to guide you in your quest for purpose, balance, ritual or simply exploring the many roles you play as a woman - Alicia is your dream weaver and coach.”

-Kristin Gregory Meek, Founder & CEO WYLD Leadership 

“‪In my mind’s eye, Alicia, is one of the leading voices around motherhood, a Goddess.”

-Elaine O'Brien, PhD

“Alicia's posts are like sacred script. I hang on every word.And they ring as true now as I mother my older children as they do for those in the newborn stage.

Astounding, profound, inspiring.”

-Tracey Clark, Author, Photographer, Teacher

“‪Alicia is the Prose Laureate of Motherhood.”

-Eleanor Chin, MAPP, CEO Clarity Partners Coaching & Consulting