• Alicia Assad

To My Firstborn

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Yes, I loved you just like this. In the bath. In the sling. Through all hours of the night with the same tender notes of surrender his care requires. I loved you in the darkness long before I fully trusted love alone could be the way. I loved you through the questions and grew because of you, as you grew.

Many days I’ve wondered if my blind love was enough: Did you feel my presence on the days I was lost? Were you held by the warm intention of my tenuous spirit?

Yet these questions hold no weight against this moment you captured with my camera: Me loving Theo. Theo loving you. A trinity of love through your lens might suggest I’ve loved you enough through the decade we grew together.

New mamas: love is enough. Even when you cannot see, love blindly. For love, I’m certain, is always the way home. 🤎

📸: Catherine, age 10 .