• Alicia Assad

Three Months of WHOLE

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

This is WHOLE in Motherhood

For 3 months, I’ve worn him like an accessory on my chest where he is calm as our hearts still beat together. For a moment this intense nurturing feels restrictive, but then he rolls over. I am reminded (again) that this too shall pass means all of it, so we’ll remain in our cocoon of love from womb-to-chest, heart-to-heart as long as we possibly can.

Our tiny state of grace has been a marvel to many, much like his hair and bliss. Yes, my 5 were born with abundant hair, but no, I wasn’t always zen. Our projected ease is a tale much like the hair/heartburn connection — I had not an ounce of indigestion in any pregnancy.

What’s true and will remain are the winds of adversity I feel in my heart, for #thisismotherhood . I’ve learned to stand tall, anchored by a love that eternally transforms my vulnerability to strength then peace. I’ll enter a new decade of adventure with serenity, trusting the best is yet to come if I can just remain mindfully present. This calm in the storm is what I like to call WHOLE, where I’ve redefined the motherhood experience and manifested my best life.

Striving to be Well-nourished, Hopeful, Open, Loving and Engaged has manifested joy and magic. While this science-based acronym is the shell of my theory on how positive psychology can support moms, it’s also a story of growth through the 5 children I nurture. Motherhood was the catalyst, then a blend of science & ancient wisdom paved my way from self-sacrifice to self-discovery. Ultimately, a deep sense of spirituality is everything I didn’t know I needed but found by writing a brave new ending to a plot I couldn’t change.

WHOLE is the adventure you’ve encouraged me to share, and I hold you in deep gratitude as I polish up a proposal for the literary Gods. From now until I publish that book, I’m committed to a weekly devotional that will deliver pieces of WHOLE to you. Every comment you’ve made since I shared my truth by William’s side in the burn unit nearly 7 years ago has led me here. Since your love has brought my healing full circle, may every word I write reflect that light back to you.

This is @WHOLEinMotherhood .