• Alicia Assad

The Night Shift

I want to live inside each moment and take it all in so I don’t forget. I want to sleep uninterrupted for a week and wake up refreshed. I want him to stay this sweet and little, because it’s perfection. I want to move with ease and fit into my clothes again....

But each time I wake, I find myself further away from the newborn magic. Then I realize that when my body has healed and I pull on my old favorite pair of jeans again, he’ll be big enough to move around in the world byhimself.

So I’ll capture this moment where my puppy was the perfect prop to soothe a gassy tummy. I’ll remember to remember how I stayed up long after he drifted off to sleep just marveling at his full head of silky brown hair.

Though I was tired, I was present. Though I wanted the mess to be over, I didn’t wish it away. 🌙✨

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