• Alicia Assad

Nine Days Too Old

He makes a million different faces each day, and I study them all for clues. I wonder what the yawn, the puckered lips, or the wrinkled forehead suggest about his blooming personality. He lifts his head, stares at his hands, and startles at all the sounds around him. I notice his quiet strength, but don’t dare predict who he will become for my kids have all surprised me. Each one of them fascinate me everyday. Eddie catches me staring at our boy (again) instead of engaging with the rest of the world and quips with a chuckle, “You sure do love babies. It’s kinda crazy.” 💙 But I do. I’ve loved every single one of them just like this on my best and worst days of the #postpartum experience. I love the rest of it too. But this....The mystery. The sweetness. The new and fierce love. What a gift it is to feel it all again one last time. ✨

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