• Alicia Assad

A Journey from Fear to Strength

I write to you today having accomplished a big goal - I've published my very first book!

Listen, it's just an eBook that I've self-published as a gift for subscription to my website, but I'm proud that I actually pulled this off. This little book was really damn hard to write. I almost threw in the towel a thousand times, because the hours kept adding up and the editing never stopped.

This has something to do with my perfectionist tendencies that came out in full force until I reached a point of exhaustion where I said, "It's not perfect, but it's good enough."

I realize now my white-knuckle grip on this project was tighter than ever because I'm scared. Sending you this story is an extreme act of vulnerability, for the words you are about to read are raw and reveal the depth of my imperfection. But once you make your way through the introduction, you'll know exactly why I followed through and actually published this story.

Leaning into vulnerability is never easy. At times, it can even be downright painful. Yet time and again, I learn that vulnerability is the birthplace of growth.

While you're reading, I'll be growing like a weed over here awaiting your response!

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With love and strength,