• Alicia Assad

The Surprising Benefits of Doing Nothing

I sensed it our collective need for a break, and intentionally didn’t schedule one single thing for my kids this first week of #Summer2017. Still, I had mom guilt about my plan to do NOTHING:

Are the kids going to be bored?

Shouldn’t they be doing MORE?

Sally and Joe are doing XYZ, so maybe we should too…

But despite these thoughts, I was too tired to care….or make a plan…..so I ignored my guilt and followed through with my intention of doing nothing.

Interestingly enough, during this quiet week where I say we did “nothing,” we actually did a lot. In no particular order, there was:



-Academic workbooks (just a few pages…just because…)

-Lots of play both inside and outdoors.

-Bike/Scooter rides and walks.

-Sleeping in.

-Movies and Popcorn.

-Arts and crafts.

Sounds like a pretty good week to me if I was a kid. From what I observed (I measure success by whining and fighting) my week of doing nothing was a win for my kids.

Personally, I enjoyed puttering the around the house while the kids played and my little one took nice long naps. I’ve been gardening, organizing a bit, cooking, and writing some….but mostly I’ve been THINKING.

For four years now, I’ve been feverishly writing and sharing stories about my motherhood experience. From hardship to the more ordinary chaos of motherhood, the theme that has emerged in my writing is centered on resilience.

I’ve been at peace with throwing stories out into the universe on various topics as I have been inspired to do so, but for a while know I’ve been aching to get down to the heart of my message and start clarifying this important thing I feel I must share with you.

I’ve said I have a goal of publishing a book, and my intention was to sit down and write a proposal this summer to get that message I MUST SHARE BEFORE I DIE out in the world.

I know, this is a rather dramatic urge to share that I have, but we'll just chalk it up to a CALLING and leave it at that.

You know what, though? I want to start telling you about what I think will be in that book I MUST write one day NOW.

Why now?

Well, I have this odd sense that it’s now or never. At least, that’s what my week of “Nothing” and “Thinking” has revealed to me:

“Alicia, you need to sh*t or get off the pot….”

Listen, the theory I’ve been working on for a decade (yes….10 years of research and application) is far from perfect. But you know what, that’s ok: none of my writing has been perfect (Nor will it ever be).

In fact, my work is always evolving (as am I: thank goodness), which is why I’ve been hesitant to share it with you. Point being, it's not perfect.

But I’m working really hard at overcoming my perfectionist tendencies, so we’re going to ignore all those voices saying,

“No wait…think about it more…you need more time….”

I'm going to take a RISK. And shout,

"It's good enough."

Then next week, I’ll introduce my working theory on resilience and motherhood that I’m calling,

Whole in Motherhood: The 7 Choices of a Resilient Mom

Then, in the 7 weeks that follow I’ll explain each of the choices I make to lead a resilient lifestyle in detail so that you can start thinking about how you can start striving to be Whole too.


Well, since I started striving to be Whole, (not perfect or happy all of the time)...my life changed.

I am actually happy.

No wait, I am thriving.

Yes, I just said I am THRIVING and let me just tell you: my life is far from perfect.

Thriving in motherhood is a choice I make. You can make that choice too.

The reason I know I am finally thriving is because I finally have the courage I need to share my ideas on Whole before it's "perfected."

This theory of mine relates to today’s post on "The Benefit of Doing Nothing" in two ways:

1. Doing nothing allowed me the opportunity to pause, reflect, and realize it's time to take the next big step towards my dream of being a published author. Sometimes we need to take bold, new steps before we feel completely "ready."

2. The Benefit of doing Nothing fits somewhere into this Whole in Motherhood theory of mine (I just haven’t figured out specifically where yet).

We'll just leave it at there is much more to come and keep today's post (somewhat) short and sweet because….

Now, It’s time to get back to doing NOTHING…