• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

The boys...doing well : )

Henry is the sleepiest baby I have had. That little guy will sleep through all the commotion in the house and while he should be nursing every 2-3 hours, prefers every 4-5 hours. This is great for Mom but not his weight gain so I try to wake him to eat. I strip him down, wipe him with a wet cloth (mean I know) and still he is content to sleep away in my arms until he decides it is time to eat. This of course has been the case with the only exception being yesterday when I had a photographer at the house to get some of those really sweet mushy sleepy newborn shots. He refused to fall asleep!!!!! While we eventually got a few snaps, he proved to be the photographer's most difficult client and as soon as she left was sound asleep again.

We did get good news from the pediatric urologist - that his kidneys look "beautiful" which means whatever fluid was in his kidneys in utero did no damage and isn't there now. This is a relief because kidney damage was the big fear and the urgency of the surgery he was supposed to have following birth. His ureters, however, did show up as enlarged yesterday and we are going do do another test to take a closer look at things in the next week or so. I think the worst case scenario with this is a surgery around 6 months to a year or he could possible outgrow it. Given the way things have played out thus far we are hopeful the latter could happen so keep your prayers coming!!!

William is doing better with each passing day. Just this week he started getting into the bath without crying and for the past two days has let me wash his hair and will even dump a cup of water over his head which is a huge step. While I am sometimes hesitant to push him too fast to resume his normal routine, it seems that when I nudge him he will think about it then dive right in! He is such a brave little guy and quite verbose lately. I think his dependency on me to do things for him allowed his communication to develop fast. Now he orders me around in detail all day long. The next thing I need to push on is getting him back into his bed...maybe in the next few weeks. If it wasn't for him in my bed I would be the most well rested mother of a newborn! I think the two of them have figured out how to give me only as much as I can handle. I am sure when I actually do get William sleeping through the night in his own bed, Henry will be up every 90 minutes!