• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

Small Miracles Happen Every Day

We are home! All of us....together now as a family of five...well...six including Charlie, the beagle, who apparently missed me as much as the kids because he has his head on my lap!

Henry went for his sonogram today and while in utero his ureters were bigger than the doctors and sonogram technicians had ever seen and his kidneys were taking on fluid, there were literally no abnormal findings. I was with him when they did the sono and kept saying,"are you sure? Check again..."

Let's just say I was hoping for good news...but this is amazing news compared to what I was told time and time again by doctors that I would be facing. While we aren't out of the woods just yet....babies tend to be dehydrated when they are firstborn, so things could show up in the next few weeks, for now there is no surgery and no intervention. Henry is home with us as the normal, sweet and healthy little boy he appears to be.

More updates and details to come...just wanted to let you all know we are all home, happy and healthy. I believe in the power of prayer. Somehow it had a hand in this. Thank you all for your love and support. xoxo