• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

Who said the third comes flying out???

....because I hate them. Yup no baby yet. I walked and walked and eventually had to agree to start pitocin at 4 am. It is now 7:32am...a bit more than 12 hours since my water broke and while I am very uncomfortable, I am still at the cusp of active labor. I was not keen on pitocin as with Catherine the end result was a section. William was a VBAC which gives me hope but he progressed much faster than this!

The report from home is that both kids slept through the night like angels. Thank goodness but really!? I have been walking and contracting all night. Fun times.

While things are slow to progress I am hoping that it kicks in real fast and that I get to meet this baby who has now decided to be stubborn. Mamma is very tired, hungry and grumpy.....