• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge


On a typical morning as I am trying to get both kids out the door to get Catherine to her school by 8:25am which is 30 minutes away I have little patience for sibling rivalry. This morning, I was ecstatic that I had to tell William to pick up the Hello Kitty bag full of stuff he had intentionally dumped out with a smirk and then apologize to his sister. Waiting for him to pick up every last bead or whatever the heck she had stuffed in there was worth the 15 minute setback because not only was William's goofy and mischievous personality coming back...his mobility was too. This is the first time he has been able to squat down and use both hands to pick stuff off the floor. He also can climb in and out of my bed and on and off the kitchen counter chair. Seemingly overnight he made a huge stride in reconquering the ordinary everyday pursuits that were part of his toddler activity before the accident occurred.

I know I am becoming redundant in saying he is finally on the mend, but it is as though with each passing day and each stride he makes, a bit of the pent up worry and tension I have carried begins to fade. Catherine is due home from school soon and I cannot wait to see what he comes up with to push her buttons tonight. I never thought I would say that....it's funny how your perspective can shift.

Having had two babies come just before the 42 week mark, the end of my pregnancies have been spent hormonal, swollen, bitter and desperate for the onset of labor. Pregnancy is a long journey and when you see your due date come and go and then coast through the 41 week mark you wonder why the torture must go on. Never did I ever think I would be hoping and praying for a pregnancy to drag on as long as possible....but let me tell you last night when my contractions were consistently 3 and 5 minutes apart I was fighting and them thinking, "no....not yet...just a few more days" and eventually I fell asleep and while I am still contracting as I type, these are just more of the harmless Braxton Hicks contractions I have been experiencing since 33 weeks.

I know labor is lurking around the corner but William needs just a little longer to settle in and detach himself from me....and I would like just a few more days to savor the feeling of a baby rolling around inside of me. Yes, my back hurts, I am exhausted and very eager for a strong cocktail but there really is nothing more incredible in life than nurturing life inside your body. Nine or ten months of this is nothing in the scheme of things and now that I am through the chaos of William's ordeal I want to savor what I have left of this experience.