• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

Baby on the way!

Looking forward to starting off our first calm and quiet weekend at home, we decided to take the kids for dinner. Somewhere between the parking lot and ordering food, my water broke and back in the car we went without eating to head home.

Because my contractions were around 11 minutes apart and not much more painful than they have been since 33 weeks, I felt I had time so I got my stuff together and took time to snuggle with both kids. Catherine had a thousand questions about what was happening so she could compare my experience to what her book, "Baby on the Way" says. She thought it was pretty cool that I had belly squeezes and my water broke just like the mommy in the book. She said goodbye and told me she can't wait to meet her new baby brother.

William was in a chipper mood, bouncing around, and when his grandparents arrived was easily distracted. I have not left his side for three weeks and two days. Literally, we have been together 24/7 so I have been extremely anxious about leaving him to deliver. When he was happy and distracted I was planning to sneak out of the house so I found what I thought was an unassuming opportunity to give him a huge kiss and he said, "Bye Mommy!"

And just like that...as if he knew he had to let me go....he went about watching Shrek with his grandparents and I was able to leave the house calm and worry free about my two littles at home.

Currently, I am on the fetal monitor at Winthrop University Hospital feeling pretty calm considering I am in labor. I suppose it is that perspective thing I mentioned earlier. The only thing I am kicking myself about is not eating anything since our dinner was interrupted. I have eaten nothing since 12:00pm so I am starving and while I was initially told I can eat or drink nothing (great for energy to push out a baby) I was just told by my doc that in a few minutes I can go for a walk and if I happen to eat a little something along the way then that's ok.., I just can't tell anybody :) I think I have a good doctor!!!!

So with that being said, I am back at a hospital. I had three glorious nights at home to recover from William's ordeal which was a blessing for all of us. Hopefully sooner rather than later and with as little pain as possible I will be holding my new baby boy!