• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

There's no place like home!

Everyone is much happier now that we are home and together as a family again knowing that the worst of it all is behind us. While our routine isn't what it was, we are trying as much as possible to reclaim it. For example, bath time in my house begins with 15 minutes of naked monkeys running around and while William cannot take his bath with Catherine yet, he was excited to run around with her in his bandages and cut out diaper. Their laughter and giggling was even better than I remembered after a three week sojourn...it's the little moments as a parent that I find so heartwarming. It was also quite interesting having to explain why William now has ouchies on his butt and needs a hole in his diaper to help them heal to a very inquisitive 4 year old. I don't think I did much better than when she asked Eddie how the baby was going to get out of my belly and he replied, "uh between Mommy's legs" to which she concluded, "wow that must really hurt." That was pretty much her reaction about this too...she sure is gaining perspective this year!

William in general is doing even better at home now than he was after the first surgery. I take this as a sign of healing which is such a relief. His appetite is very good and he keeps telling me. "I'm home!" And I am ecstatic to able to reply with "yes, you are home and you are staying home."

Still, he needs to go through a daily dressing change which is what the visiting nurse comes for. While I am able to make sure he has pain medication for this, it is a crummy experience for all as in order to get the dressings off they need water and the process of wetting his chest evokes screams that remind me of when initial burn happened. I think that he is experiencing trauma brought on by the sensation of water that reminds him of the actual event rather than pain from the dressing change itself. Unfortunately, we have no choice but to keep doing them so I am hoping that what happens to be "exposure" therapy will eventually help him heal. I sure hope it gets better as while we have a nurse at this point he only wants me to touch him so I ended up doing everything today with the nurse assisting me. I can navigate this but afterwards was as worn out as William and more than happy to have a snuggle nap session to recover with him.

All in all I will take the good with the bad as we are home. William and I both slept sideways, upside down and backwards last night as we had this newfound luxury called a queen sized bed to snuggle in! Right now we are watching Bubble Guppies....how nice it is to have a break from Shrek....this too is a sign that things are looking up :)