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A refrigerator meltdown and we are going home!

Last night, William was the happiest he has been since this all began when he got a visit for dinner from his big sister. He was holding her hand, walking her around and making her feed him pasta and chicken. It was so nice to feel like a family again all together, even if only for an hour or two.

This morning I knew that the entire team of doctors would be in for "rounds" where they all look at the grafts together and make a collective decision on how to proceed. William had a mini version of this yesterday and while he bounced right back afterwards, today was a bit harder as he knew what was coming when he was taken away from Mommy and stripped down and about 10 strangers in masks came in to stare, poke and prod.

Afterwards he asked me to take him to the playroom and when we were alone, he put his head down in my lap and said, "Mommy I did so good. I'm awl done. Snuggle me." Poor kid.

Then, I was informed that the team decided it was best to keep him at the hospital until at least Thursday as they wanted to monitor him and do the dressing changes. They also wanted him to be walking around without a diaper on and trying that annoying blower when he was laying down so that his butt dried better.

All of this and I needed to leave in 15 minutes for my OB appointment. While Eddie arrived in time for a munchkin and bagel distraction, William knew I was up to something and was refusing to even let me put my hair in a ponytail so Eddie worked his Daddy magic and I was able to sneak off and at least change my clothes and brush my teeth.

As I went back to the room and passed the hospital bed where I have slept quite uncomfortably with William for two out of the past three weeks, turned off the TV that has no remote playing Shrek or The Wiggles on rotation (I am sorry but no remote, a kid who wants to watch the Shrek dragon scene and then the Wiggles fruit salad scene intermittently over and over again and my heavy 9 months pregnant belly that dreads getting up to make the switch are not a fun combo) then entered the bathroom with an automatic half sink that splashes all over the place, a stained floor, hand held shower, no shelf for even a toothbrush, sandpaper like towels that don't even make it around half my belly when I do shower and toilet that automatically flushes every time you move and just broke down and started to cry because again, my expectations were one thing and yet again I was being told this was dragging on even longer. After all the changes and roller coaster of events the past three weeks I just couldn't bear another setback even if it was merely a precautionary extra night in the hospital.

I had my pity party while soothed by the fluorescent lights, grey stained tiles and flushing toilet of the hospital bathroom. When I pulled it together, I went to say goodbye to William in the playroom where Eddie informed me that the head nurse said I needed to throw out my food in the communal mini fridge as it was taking up too much room. At this point I marched....well waddled over to the nurses break room, interrupted a meeting and relayed that if there is a problem with my food in the fridge that feeds my kid who hasn't touched the disgusting mush dietary calls food at this hospital then they can accommodate me as they do patients with dietary or religious needs and wheel a mini fridge into my room. They can also replace the box of squeeze yogurts someone took the last time we were here...then the only food William would touch. If I needed to develop an allergy or convert religion during my doctor's visit I could make it happen so an order would be written for this.

And off to my OB appointment I went where I was told that things are again no better but no worse for Henry than last week so they won't induce. However, I am a ticking time bomb and at 39 weeks tomorrow there are some signs of a pending labor....very strong contractions among them. While I could very well still be waddling around next week, there is just no certainty and with a third baby....Henry will likely make his entrance sooner rather than later.

Getting some fresh air, a few good sono photos of Henry, good news that there is still no induction and an hour of girl talk with my best friend gave me enough strength to walk back into the hospital and suck it up for another two nights.

While I was hoping for a personal mini fridge and some magnets to hang my new sonogram photos, I was instead told that they were working on setting us up with a visiting nurse service so we could discharge. Apparently while the lead doctor thought it was best to keep William just to be super cautious as to not give is any setbacks, the other two doctors and nurses decided we had really had all we could bear and that William needed to transition back home before the baby arrives. I think this immediate change in plans had something to do with the fact that in the past three weeks the only meltdown they have seen me have (well besides the rant over the surgery miscommunication) was over a refrigerator.

So there you have it...a refrigerator meltdown and we are finally going home. While I had thought it would be tomorrow, Nurse Dorothy (who by the way solved our "no diaper" order by cutting a hole in the butt area so William didn't have to wander around completely exposed to air out) worked her magic and got us pushed out of there immediately. A mother of two....she gets it. Again, thank goodness for nurses and mothers!!!

As I write this, we are in the car on the way home. We will have a family dinner and celebrate with a cake. We have a visiting nurse starting tomorrow and the doctors promise me we are through the worst and while there is a lot of care and follow up needed it will only get easier with each passing day.

Phew! So it is official....Henry has stayed put long enough to make it through Williams's three week journey in and out of the hospital when he needed me the most. Now we can transition back home to as normal an existence as possible and catch our breath before the next hospital stay. Our prayers....your prayers for us have been answered. Thank you all...thank God! Somehow it is all looking up from here. After surviving the past three weeks, I know that we can make it through whatever we are facing with Henry. God will pull us through it.