• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

I can kiss both cheeks!

No...not his butt if that is what you were thinking. ;) I think we need at least two weeks for that to heal...but today they took the rest of the treatment off the left side of his face and I cannot tell you how happy I am to see his whole face! It's a little red and rough and will be this way for quite a while, but will heal and eventually show no sign of the burns. As I type this, William is watching Shrek and constantly touching his face saying, "awwwl better!" I am also allowed to "kiss the all better face."

The other good thing that happened today is when the dressings were removed, the doctors said the grafts look good and they are quite confident that they have taken. While they need to take another look tomorrow, they are anticipating we can go home on Wednesday. William still has a long road of recovery ahead but we are hopeful he finally has the hardest part behind him.

And for now, I am signing off because I am getting a request to go to the playroom...and then we are expecting Catherine and Daddy for dinner :)