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Change...the only constant in life...

This morning we packed up, took William to breakfast and arrived at the hospital by 11 am. With our bags and a cranky William in tow saying, "I don't want to go here I want to go home," we were greeted by the head nurse with, "It's nice to see you but why are you here? You should have been called and told your surgery was pushed to Friday."

Let's just say that with a simple glance, the nurse scurried off and the resident doctor arrived faster than he ever has and had to explain to a very frustrated, 13 night sleep deprived and hormonal 9 months pregnant woman who's 2 year old is going through a very painful and difficult time why a simple phone call wasn't made to let us know the surgery had changed. I might have made this more intimidating than his first time in the operating room but he handled himself quite well and my labor didn't kick in.

Turns our there is no explanation for the lack of communication. They totally messed up. Yes, the poor little guy had to go through another dressing change...and it is hard to have to go home and endure another sleepless night and then face the emotional process of trekking back to the hospital tomorrow but the good in all of this is that apparently the head doctor at the hospital has "taken a special interest in Williams's case" and is insisting on doing the second surgery and can only operate on Friday.

While the doctor initially slated to do the surgery has an excellent reputation, if we need to wait just one more day to have a doctor who has been practicing longer and is respected even greater, then we wait a day and have the best possible surgeon operate on William. We've come this far...

While William has great days, nights are rough with him as some of the nerve endings are starting to grow back and so his pain has increased. It is hard to keep him comfortable but it's just two more nights and then the grafts will help with this. Please keep praying for his next two days to be as pain free as possible and for his surgery to go well on Friday. I'll be back tomorrow to confirm that things are still playing out according to plan.....



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