• Alicia Assad on CaringBridge

Henry's Update

I cannot convey how relieved I am to report that Henry's condition is no worse than it was last week so it looks as though my prayers have been answered for time and I will be able to see William through the surgery and hopefully his transition home.

Further, my amniotic fluid is "fantastic" which means that while things are not functioning as they should in Henry's system....it is still "working" quite well considering the obstructions so I think that while the surgery is necessary, I am not as worried about the kidney damage as I initially was. Thanks to all of the meals from our family and my incredible girlfriends I regained the weight I had lost during William's hospital stay and there are no apparent signs of labor so I am not worried about anything spontaneous happening during the next 5 days at the hospital for William's surgery.

For now, we are enjoying our last night at home before we are back at Nassau University Medical Center in the Burn Unit tomorrow. I will continue to keep everyone posted when I know more details about William's surgery, etc. but at least we know Henry is right where he needs to be for at least another week!