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William's Update

As expected, William will need skin grafts for areas on his left shoulder, chest and right arm. Since today's visit was 11 days from the initial burn, the areas being watched aren't anticipated to shrink much more so it is best to go ahead with this surgery. We will admit at the hospital on Wednesday, and his surgery will be at some point on Thursday. We will likely be at the hospital recovering through the weekend.

While I certainly am not looking forward to repeating the process of holding William as they put him under, seeing him in pain after the surgery and the regression in his behavior that will follow, I am somewhat relieved that the surgery will be done so that he can truly begin his healing process. He hasn't slept more than 3 or 4 hours at a time since this all happened due to the discomfort of the deeper burns...and the doctor's visits are always difficult as they pick, poke and prod at his bandages which is very painful. While there will be initial pain after the graft, the burn pain should subside after the new skin is in place and from what I have been told time and time again, children heal miraculously well so this all should be over for him soon.

Tomorrow I have my OB appointment to see what is going on with Henry, but I am hopeful that I will be granted just one more week! That is really all I need to see William through the hardest part of this mess. I am optimistic but keep the prayers coming.

For now, we are cherishing the time we have at home...play, laughter and nourishment are our three priorities. William's new red bicycle is his current obsession and because of this, I have broken my "no outside toys in the house" rule and he rides it in circles through the house while the movie Shrek plays on repeat (as it has been for the past 11 days...but who's counting). His new favorite line after I tell him that I love him is, "thank you sooo much." Little stinker.

Catherine is doing very well considering all of the changes of late and handling the news that William and Mommy are going back to the hospital again like a champ. She is one tough cookie, my little girl.

As for me...I am holding things together as best as I can...trying to stay focused on the present otherwise I get totally overwhelmed. Everyone is commenting that I am so strong and poised but trust me, I have my meltdown moments as I am just downright exhausted and let's face it....at 9 months pregnant...a hormonal mess! I am just coping and putting one foot in front of the other as any mother would.

Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and support. I'll be back with Henry's update tomorrow.