Tune into your energetic vibration using the Language of Light.

With the intention of guiding you into alignment with your highest self, this offering is a blend of numbers, colors, and celestial bodies that weave a tapestry of your purpose and potential. With your birth date and intention, I work in sacred healing space to communicate Divine wisdom and offer healing energy. 

A written blueprint of your reading woven into a beautiful template that serves as reference on your spiritual journey. 

Soul Note 


A one-on-one conversation to offer individualized healing wisdom. In this 60 minute session, we dive into your gifts, where you are on your path, and uncover any blocks. This session can be paired with a Soul Note or offered a la carte. 

Soul Session


A 90 minute deep dive into your soul's vibration to ground your energy and amplify your gifts. This combination includes a Soul Note & colored oil of choice to catalyze growth and transformation. 

Soul Package



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