An Anniversary of Trauma Brings HOPE

March 27, 2017

Four years ago my life changed in an instant. 


March 27, 2013 is the night I ended up in an ICU Burn Unit with my toddler son and since then, I have noticed a ripple effect of change in my life. 


For a long time, I thought that pot of boiling water crashing down is what initiated this shift. Technically, it did....but now, I SEE it all differently. 


The night doctors warned me William might not make it, I was 36 weeks pregnant. Panic continued to pull at me and I almost tumbled down the rabbit hole of despair. But I DID NOT want to go into labor in with a baby who needed surgery at birth, so I sent an email to my girlfriends asking for the help I knew I needed. After realizing I wouldn't have to face the situation alone, I was calmer. I climbed into bed with my boy and snuggled him until the sun came up because at the very least, I had LOVE. 


From this vulnerable moment in the hardest experience of my life, my writing emerged in the world. 


That email and the updates I sent in the days that followed eventually became a blog to keep friends and family updated on the wellbeing of my boys. In the aftermath of our month-long crisis involving the collision of health of my boys, I created the website to share my thoughts on how we can overcome adversity with resilience. 


I have continued to write and now that my life has gone back to "normal," I have been contemplating how we can maintain wellbeing not only through adversity but in the ordinary chaos of motherhood. 


This transition made it clear I would need to create a new site where both themes fit. I've been procrastinating on this goal for a while now, but when I realized the anniversary of "the accident" was rapidly approaching (anniversaries are good at dragging up old dormant emotions) I realized I just HAD to launch my new site TONIGHT.


See, I spent a lot of time in grief and guilt wishing I could erase the pain my son endured and restore him to the boy he was before his injury.


However, in a healthier place that is ACCEPTANCE, I have learned to acknowledge what is sad, hard, frustrating and scary....and then CHOOSE what is joyful, beautiful and hopeful.


Yes, there are ALWAYS blessings, we just need to look a little harder to find them sometimes (most especially when we don't think they are there). 


My son is a survivor and inspires me every day to make something beautiful of what we endured. So I snuggle him (6 is not too old for that yet) and I tell him how much I love him CONSTANTLY. I believe I am the luckiest mom in the world because he's mine...he's STILL here to snuggle and love.... 


Then I write. 


I'm celebrating  four years of survival with the launch of my new website It's filled with the story you are already familiar with, along with new dreams and the hope that I can continue to write my way back to WHOLE, regardless of what tomorrow brings. 


For now, life's pretty darn good...I've attached a photo to this post, which might suggest my biggest concern about William these days is that he REFUSES to get a haircut!


Here's to the invaluable lesson I learned in an ICU Burn Unit:


At the very least, we always have LOVE...and sometimes showing up with a snuggle of love is ENOUGH for us and our kids in any situation. 









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